109 in custody in Paris over May Day violence

In Images Anti-capitalist protesters run riot in Paris May Day violence

According to police, 1,200 protesters with masks and hoods on participated in the May Day demonstrations by the labour unions who are extremely displeased with Macron's reforms.

Police said that almost 1,200 activists in masks and hoods turned up at the May Day protests in Paris, according to the BBC, breaking windows and setting cars ablaze.

Protesters smashed the windows at a McDonald's near the Austerlitz Metro station.

They also torched vehicles at a auto dealership, along with a mechanical digger and a scooter, leaving a trail of destruction and plumes of dark smoke billowing into the air.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said on Wednesday that security will be beefed up for the upcoming protests this week after the traditional May Day rally in Paris turned violent.

Government spokesperson Benjamin Griveaux criticised the protesters for covering their faces. He said: "When you have honest convictions, you demonstrate with your face unmasked..."

Protesters wear black clothing cover their faces with scarves, hoods, balaclavas and motorcycle helmets to hide their identities and lessen the effects of teargas.

01/05 18:00Police Deploy Tear Gas, Water Cannons at May Demonstration in Paris (WATCH LIVE)

"The desire of the radical activists was to spiral the day out of control", Delpuech said.

They chanted anti-fascist slogans and waved anti-government banners.

"They came to hit capitalist symbols and burn cops".

French President Emmanuel Macron also weighed in, saying the violent acts of some misrepresented the spirit of the parades.

Earlier on Tuesday Macron reiterated that he would not back down on his reform agenda.

The Paris police chief, Michel Delpuech, told journalists they were expecting Black bloc protesters, but suggested officials had been taken by surprise by their number. The numbers were relatively small compared with other recent demonstrations.

Collomb defended how the police had handled the demonstration on Tuesday, although opposition politicians criticized the government for not having done enough to prevent the violence.

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